It was a couple of years ago, 2018 when I finally got to see Shaq play just not in the way I had imagined. I always thought my first time seeing Shaq play would be at a Lakers basketball game. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would see him play Dj behind music equipment. The first time I saw Shaq or as the music scenery knows him as Dj Diesel. I can definitely say that Dj Diesel plays just as good and just as hard as Shaq on the court. You have seen so many musicians that became famous actors over time. Dj Diesel has been succeeding in music for quite some time now.

Since I was not able to see Shaq on the basketball courts I can at least say I got to see him as Dj Diesel. I didn't think I would see him perform as a Dj ever but I sure got lucky that night. As it is I was stoked watching the other performers to pass time until Deftones were up. But let me tell you Dj Diesel pretty much got the whole crowd dancing in the grass area. He played a damn good set and gained me as a new fan that very night in San Antonio. Shaq was one of the many performers at Botanica Music Festival at Six Flags. A lot of people even witnessed Dj Diesel twerking to the music in the video above thanks to Comedy Channel. I hope that when time starts improving Botanica Music Festival will make another return in the future.

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