As Buzz mentioned on the show, I love classic television. I grew up on Nick at Nite so I watched a bunch of I Love Lucy, Bewitched, Gilligan's Island, I Dream of Jeannie and of course, Roseanne. I liked Roseanne because I could relate to it. I saw my own mother and father in Roseanne and Dan Conner, two hard working parents trying to provide for their family. I related to Darlene, always having to live in the shadow of her perfect sister Becky, my sister was totally a Becky! And while many may hate the way the series ended, I loved it! To this day that ending makes me tear up! So in honor of the show coming back to TV's tonight, here are my favorite episodes, in no particular order

  • Becky. Cut. The. Cheese. 

In the first episode of the second season, Becky is an overachieving student who is preparing to give a speech in front of the whole student council, unfortunately for Becky her mouth isn't the only one who wants to say something.

  • Darlene's Poem

Darlene proves her writing talent in this episode when her poem gets chosen to be read at Culture night at school. She doesn't want to read it but Roseanne forces her to do it. It reminded me of my parents who were always in the audience when I had a school thing no matter how small a role I had, my parents were there.

Jackie Gets Beaten. 

Roseanne always had a great way of dealing with real life situations like teen drinking and domestic abuse. In this one, Jackie is dating Fisher and he beats her. Dan decides to teach that guy a lesson and it lands him jail.

  • The Conner's Go To Disney World.

In this one, the Conner's decide to throw caution to the wind and decide to spend Dan's last paycheck from the garage on a trip to Disney World.


  • The Conner's Win The Lottery. 

This is the episode that many consider the downfall of the show, they win the lottery and they ceased to become the working class family that everyone related to. Of course, it's revealed in the series finale that winning the lottery was a dream.

There are so many more great episodes that I can name, I know I left out all the Halloween episodes but that would need it's own post! I'm so excited to see Roseanne come back, I know that as soon as I hear the sound of that harmonica I'm gonna probably tear up because I just have so many great memories of the '90s.


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