Happy birthday, MTV! 37 years ago on August 1, 1981, Music Television debuted as the first "24 hour stereo video music channel."

MTV not only gave us the music videos that we loved it also came up with some great shows. A few weeks ago we heard that MTV would be launching their own streaming service and while I scoffed at the idea at first I went down a spiral of show I used to watch ALL THE TIME on MTV!

Yes, MTV gave us great shows like Daria, Punk'd, Jackass and of course, Beavis & Butthead. My peak MTV watching was in the early to mid 2000's, by then I was in middle school and high school And here are some of my favorite shows, go down this 2000's spiral with me.

  • 1

    Room Raiders

    This show encouraged me to keep my room clean, JUST IN CASE MTV ever decided to film an episode in El Paso and wanted me to participate. Also, if you watch this video, major props to who uploaded it because they kept in the commercials and it was like I was 15 all over again.

  • 2


    I loved Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson together. If memes were a thing back in 2003 the "Chicken or Tuna" one would win all of them!

  • 3

    Meet the Barkers

    I think MTV had a moment where they just got any musical couple and decided to make a reality show with them. I love the Barkers, I thought they were ultimate #goals, then they got divorced. Then they didn't. Are they together??

  • 4


    Again, this prepared me for if MTV ever decided to film an episode here in EP.

  • 5

    Parental Control

    At 15, I thought it was a horrible idea to have your parents choose someone for you to date! But, now at the end of my 20's, I'm gonna need some help because obviously I'm all thumbs when it comes to men!

  • 6

    Making the Video

    In all of this, we kind of forgot MTV was MUSIC TELEVISION! It gave us all the music videos we could want. This show was a great behind the scenes tour of everything it took for the video to be made and it always ended with the premiere of the video. This was the YouTube of 2000.

  • 7


    This show was an in depth look at some of your favorite stars. It was personal and raw. Also, very cheesy. I loved it!

  • 8

    Sorority Life

    I was like, 12 when I first saw this show and I thought that's just what college was! I thought I would grow up and be exactly like one of those girls. I did not. 12 year old Joanna would be disappointed.

  • 9


    This show gave us an exclusive peak of how our favorite celebrities lived! I was always excited to see the bedrooms and the kitchens, making sure I was taking notes just in case one day I became rich and famous I'd be able to say "Make my house like Lauren Conrad's from Laguna Beach!"

  • 10

    Laguna Beach

    Which brings us to... Laguna Beach! At the time, the show "The O.C." was really popular. This show was the classic "rich kid problems" show that tried to make them seem like normal people like you and me... but they weren't. I loved that they used Hilary Duff's "Come Clean" as the main theme. It was 2003 dammit, she was an icon! #LizzieMcGuire

  • 11

    The Hills

    And of course I can't bring up Laguna Beach without talking about The Hills! This was L.C. all grown up, don't call her L.C. by the way. We got to see her grow up in the real world. And while Lauren Conrad may have a great life now, she will ALWAYS be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris.

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