In 1992 we all were officially introduced to the hunky young Brendan Fraser. Encino Man hit theaters on May 22 with Fraser starring as the missing Link. It also starred Pauly Shore as Stoney and Sean Astin (A.K.A. Mikey) as Dave and the words "juice" and "buddy" were never said the same again! Encino Man is a movie that everyone in my family enjoys watching together, my nephews can quote it and they're nine and ten years old! In honor of the 26th anniversary of the movie here are some of my favorite moments!

  • 1

    The Makeover Scene

    After successfully digging out and thawing out the Missing Link, Stoney and Dave set out to give Link a makeover in order to have him blend in with society appropriately set to Right Said Freds' "I'm Too Sexy." Young Brendan Fraser can get it.


  • 2

    The First Day of School

    Link goes to high school! Also, note a young Rose McGowan and a young Robin Tunney who will later go on to play iconic role Sarah in The Craft!

  • 3

    The "SHUSH!"

    This is a minor part but it always gets me. The "Shush" is said by Matt, the boyfriend of Robin who Dave so happens to be in love with. The "Shush" is used a lot in my house when my nephews are too loud!

  • 4

    The Field Trip

    Taking Link to the Museum of Anthropology is what I feel takes this movie from what is supposed to be just a screwball comedy to something much deeper. I gets me right in the feels!

  • 5

    The Food Mart

    This is the one that will remain a thing in my house forever. "Grindage" and "Squeezing the Ju-uice!" are words that my Gen Z nephews repeat on a daily basis. Also, can we bring back the old school Doritos bag?

  • 6

    El Queso Esta Viejo Y Podrido

    After ending up at a bar and dancing with the one woman he shouldn't have been dancing with, Link has a run in with some cholos and says the only thing he learned in Spanish class.

  • 7

    The Cavewoman

    High school movies always put so much emphasis on prom. It's not that big of a deal. It's a big deal for Link who gets to meet his "Cave-Nug" and Dave gets the girl and it's a happy ending all around.

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