There are NO spoilers in this post. These are just my predictions of what MIGHT be in the new Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker when it comes out this week. It’s actually a competition between me and Brandon but, honestly, these are just wild guesses.

  • 1.) Rey is a Skywalker

The movie is called Rise of Skywalker. Luke’s dead, Leia’s dead…Kylo Ren is actually a Solo/Skywalker. I’m counting on there being another Skywalker and with all the strange hallucinations she gets when she holds Luke’s lightsaber, I’ve got Rey pegged as a secret Skywalker. I know, I know…that would be the LEAST surprising surprise ever but I’m sticking with it. Unless…

  • 2.) Rey and Kylo Have a Baby

This could happen, right? We’ve got this whole “will they, won’t they” going on with these two. Maybe they hook it up and their baby is the Skywalker the title refers to.

  • 3.) Baby Yoda

Time-line-wise, it works out. Baby Yoda (I know, he’s not literally Baby Yoda) is established as being 50 years old at the time of The Mandelorian . Let’s say we’re roughly 30 to 40 years after the events of that show. That would put Baby Yoda at 80 or 90 years old. So…Toddler Yoda? Terrible Twos Yoda? The fans want this to happen.

  • 4.) Rey and Kylo Won’t Actually Fight

Calling it now. All those scenes of Ren and Rey fighting in the trailers are going to turn out to be either training exercises or just edited in a way to make it look like they’re fighting. They might do some tongue wrestling, though.

  • 5.) Lando Dies Saving Chewie

It’s the only way he can make up for pronouncing his AND Han’s name wrong all these years.

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