Being a musician, I think one of the best things in life is learning how to play music. Whether it's picking up a guitar, a pair of drum sticks, learning how to sing, or sitting behind a piano, learning how to play music can a rewarding experience. Especially for a child.

That's what Sound Stage 9 believes. I spoke to Roger Argenis, the founder of Sound Stage 9, & he explained that SS9 "was designed to teach students of all ages every single aspect of the music industry.". They have also been featured in music publications, such as Rolling Stone, Billboard, Newsweek, & People en Espanol.

Originally having only ONE location (over on 11601 Pellicano), there will now be a 2nd location opening in February on the west side; right inside the Sunland Park Mall behind Dillard's & FYE.


Roger also went on to say "everything we teach at our east side location will be taught at our new west side location; drums, piano, guitar, ukulele, bass, violin, voice, mixing and music production & artist development". You can reach SS9 online, by email , by phone or on their social media pages.

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