I've always said that!!

Exercise has always been known to promote proper functioning of the endothelium which is vital to good heart health. On a recent study another useful factor has been identified ... MUSIC! A research done by the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2013 stated that people with coronary artery disease who listen to their favorite music have improved endothelial functioning.

The combination of both music and exercise training have lead to the most improvement in endothelial function. (Personally, whenever I workout I always have to listen to music. I just can't workout in silence or listening to someone talk.) It is said that 30 minutes of listening to 'joyful' music (which can pretty much be what you find to be joyful ... it can be heavy metal, rock, hip hop, instrumental or whatever - or the Rocky IV soundtrack if you want to feel pumped) improves the endothelium function.

An Arizona study also showed that listening to harp music can help stabilize blood pressure among patients staying in an intensive care unit. (In that case, check out Dubba Gs blog about these super talented twins and their harps!)

Well, there you have it ... another awesome excuse to listen to the Q and your favorite music at all times!!