You read that right: "investigations", as in more than one. It started with a reported suicide on Saturday at 7 in the morning in Northeast El Paso. According to KFOX, El Paso Police found the victim in the garage and originally suspected foul play. Investigators with the Crimes Against Persons responded to the scene to conduct the ongoing investigation.

Then on Tuesday morning, police found a body in Central El Paso- which they immediately labeled as a case of murder. The body was found in the 1700 block of Texas, at 8 in the morning, in a business section near downtown while EPPD were conducting a welfare check in the area. Once again, investigators with Crimes Against Persons were called to examine the area for evidence and shut the entire street down.

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In the first case, the victim was identified as 56 year old Laithe Marra, however, in the second case, the victim wasn't identified and no other details were given on either cases.

It feels so strange to say there were two murders within three days of each other in El Paso. "Murder" isn't really a word I associate with El Paso. In 2020, EPPD investigated 25 murders and the El Paso Sheriff's Office investigated seven for a total of 32 in El Paso county. However, that was significantly lower than the 40 murder EPPD investigated in 2019. 40 murders in 2019 seems high, but that is considering that 23 were a result of the Walmart shooting. So fellow El Pasoans, its time to put on our inspector gadget gear and keep an eye out for each other.


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