MTV Cribs is back again, giving us a look inside some of our favorite celebrities' homes. If there was an El Paso version, what houses would you want to see?

It's been more than 20 years since MTV helped celebrities open their doors to fans to get an inside look at their lives. There were over 100 episodes and almost 20 seasons and we were able to see over 185 different celebrity homes. The show was wildly popular and people loved seeing their favorite musicians and actors' abodes to see the things they enjoy and what they like to surround themselves with.

After the show aired, stories came out that some of the houses, cars, jewelry, and other aspects of the homes didn't actually belong to the celebrities but still, the show was great to watch.

Now the show is being rebooted and there is a whole new batch of celebrities that will be inviting us into their homes per Deadline. The reboot got us thinking, what El Paso celebrities would we like to see what the inside of their digs looks like?

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Aaron Jones

NFL running back Aaron Jones spends the football season in Green Bay with the Packers but during the offseason, he's here spending time with his family in the Sun City. We'd love to see what the inside of this NFLer's home looks like.


Grammy award-winner Khalid loves to represent the 915 wherever he goes but we want to see what it looks like when he's in EP just hanging out. No word on if he has a house of his own here, if he crashes with his mom, or if he just surfs from one nice hotel room to the next. Either way, we can't wait to see what his chill time in El Paso is like.

Oscar Leeser

For being such a good boy, we really don't know what his home looks like. When he's not running El Paso, I'd assume he's at home relaxing with his family, maybe even hanging out by the pool. Does Oscar Leeser's home even have a pool?

Buzz Adams

We know you're dying to see it, so we had to put Buzz's house on this list. Just what does the inside of this bachelor pad look like? Has Buzz finally finished the upstairs bathroom? Did Nico get the air conditioner working upstairs too? Where does Buzz keep his dice collection? These are questions we can finally answer for all of you.

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