The El Paso Coalition Of Clubs had it's first meeting of 2012 last night at Mulligans North and 2012 is already looking good!

It's riding season for us around these parts (granted, the NOT riding season around here is only 2 or 3 days long  ... but even THAT'S over now!!)

There are all kinds of runs being planned for 2012 to benefit all kinds of different charities and groups!  Maybe your favorite cause!  If not, send your info to me ( and if there are any "free" dates or runs, maybe we can help you and your cause as well!

The runs are always a blast and I'm sure we'll see at least a couple of bike "rodeos".  These are always a blast!!  Check out the one I found on youtube below (give it a minute or 2 to get going!) and getcha' motor running ... the wind wants YOU!!