It got a little muddy in Pittsburgh, but it didn't slow anybody down!!

955 KLAQ .... Motorcycle Monday! Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports. 910 Livingston in the Upper Valley. Dirt or street, 2 wheel or 4 they got you covered!! Check out the Victory line they have ... power, looks and GREAT prices!!


Round 3 of the AMA Nationals in Pittsburgh this weekend and V for victory Villopoto does it again. This guy is BAD!! Took the Supercross crown and now he's looking for this championship! My man Dungey takes second and Chad Reed brings in the "tres" this weekend!


(You know what my favorite thing about this weekend was?? NO MORE HOOPS ... I swear if I hear "downtown" or "in the paint" one more time ........... anyway:)


A little rain helped to make things interesting this weekend! Those of you new to this, remember the nationals are run on more "natural" outdoor tracks so weather gets to be a litle big bigger of a deal than Supercross; where the tracks are more "sculptered" and most are inside!

Early on, Alessi seems to be the man on that big 'ol KTM 450. (Yes 4-50 .. he stepped up to the "big 'un" this year!!) but that would change. Chad Reed takes care of that soon enough though and has about 13 seconds on the number 2 bike. That would be Villopoto! he has the overall win as long as he finishes at least 2nd so he's happy to play follow the leader for now! After 14 laps, Reed gets the checkered, Villopoto rolls in 2nd .. with the overall win! .. and my man Dungey gets third!! That's the podium for the race, for teh DAY it's Villopoto on top, Dungey in 2nd and Reed has third!


In the lites, Blake Bagget is making it look easy. Running the quickest lap times and taking the overall win for the day. The mud made things different, but it didn't slow Blake at all!! The top 3 in the lites class now all Pro Circuit riders ... rattray at 127, Wilson has 125 and Blake is at 116!!

For complete points and standings plus cool pictures, visit!!

Locally the run and car show to help the West Valley Fire Dept seemed to go well. Thanks to everyone for supporting there and thanks to Th Third Edge for rockin' that party!!  Remember, they're all volunteers. They could use all the help they can get so contact them if you weren't able to be out this weekend to see what else you may be able to do!

Also thanks to all who supported the American Legion/USO benefit this weekend. Another worthy cause, another great run and another good time!!

This weekend, more fun coming!! I'll fill you in on the weekend this Friday and may even have El Paso's hottest stunt rider, Brandy Valdez, stopping by!!


There it went .. the fastest couple of minutes in radio, Motorcycle Monday! Brought to you by Santa Teresa Motorsports in the Upper Valley ... by the river ... and KLAQ!!!!!!!

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