Villopoto shows up for win number 5 in St. Louis!!

95-5 KLAQ; Time again for Motorcycle Monday!!

Brought to us by Santa Teresa Motorsports, 910 Livingston in the Upper Valley … next to all the construction!!

While the D.O.T. make sure Country Club bridge doesn't fall out from underneath you; be sure and take Artcraft to Uppervalley from march 5-15!!

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 This weekend, St. Louis was the place and … again … Villopoto was the man!!

My man Dungey nipping at his heels pretty much the whole way through the main. If Villopoto had made even one mistake, Dungey would have had him!  NOOOO mistakes at all with him though and he takes his 5th win this season! Brayton, Windham and Stewart round out the Top 5 for this week!

Stewart in 5th?!?! Yep.  5th was an improvement actually, he had been last!! Much to everyones surprise … did you hear that? That’s sarcasm … Stewart wiped out and had to work his way up through the pack. It’s a good thing he’s a great rider. The way his wrecks keep making him have to outrace everybody just to lose in a more dignified manner!!

See the full results and points standings down below!!

Next week, it all moves up north to Toronto eh?? Land of beer and hockey … wonder if they’ll “ice” part of the track instead of incorporating a “sandy” stretch?!?!

Locally, CMA, Seed Of Abraham, Honorbound and Kings And Priests MCs’ held their bike blessing in the northeast. Beautiful weather, beautiful bikes, beautiful people. It was a good day!! Thanks to everyone who made it out … we could all use a good blessing. (Especially the way so many car and truck drivers around here pay attention.)   :/

Wednesday night the coalition of clubs monthly meeting will be at the American Legion Hall on Shell St. All are welcome … clubs, independents, bike or no bike; come see what the El Paso Motorcycle Community is all about and see how you can be a part of it!  Or, perhaps, be helped by it!!

Ever what all goes into getting a winning bike under a winning rider??  Check out this interview with the Pro Circuit Mechnics!

There it went; Motorcycle Monday!. The fastest couple of minutes in radio every Monday thanks to Santa Teresa Motorsports and KLAQ … El Pasos’ best rock!!


1. R. Villopoto KAW

 2. R. Dungey KTM

 3. J. Brayton HON

 4. K. Windham HON

 5. J. Stewart YAM

 6. D. Millsaps YAM

 7. J. Weimer KAW

 8. B. Metcalfe SUZ

 9. M. Musquin KTM

 10. N. Wey KAW


Ryan Villopoto   205

 Ryan Dungey   192

 James Stewart   152

 Chad Reed  128

 Kevin Windham  123

 Jake Weimer  120

 Justin Brayton  116

 Brett Metcalfe  113

 Davi Millsaps  109

 Mike Alessi  98


 1. J. Barcia

 2. K. Roczen

 3. B. Wharton

 4. D. Durham

 5. J. Bogle

 6. J. Canada

 7. M. Stewart

 8. K. Cunningham

 9. B. Baggett

10.  A. Martin


J. Barcia 75

 Ken Roczen 57

 D. Durham 56

 B. Wharton 56

 Justin Bogle 43

 Jake Canada 41

 Blake Baggett 40

 Hunter Hewitt 31

 M. Stewart 29

 K. Cunningham 28