The Smashing Pumpkins have a few pieces of exciting news to share about their upcoming ninth studio album, 'Monuments to an Elegy.' Along with a mysterious message penned by Billy Corgan, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman revealed that Motley Crue's Tommy Lee is playing drums on all nine tracks of the upcoming disc!

Longtime Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin left the band back in 2009, allowing Mike Byrne, who was only 19 years old at the time, to become the Smashing Pumpkins' official drummer. Although Byrne showed his chops on 'Oceania,' it seems the young drummer won't be featured on 'Monuments to an Elegy.'

On the Smashing Pumpkins' official site, a picture of Corgan and Lee was posted on May 7, along with the following message:

Here's a shot from the mission out west. Just finished round 1 of tracking drums with Tommy Lee for the new the Smashing Pumpkins album. Shockla-locka-boom. Yes, that T Lee for all 9 songs of 'Monument[s] To An Elegy.'

While Lee is playing on the album, with Motley Crue embarking on a two-year 'Final Tour' this summer, it's probably safe to say he won't be joining the Pumpkins on the road.

Meanwhile, on May 1, Corgan posted a cryptic message with a picture of a studio board:

The distinction of any endeavour is effort or luck. Great things of course require a bit of both.

And so it goes in any Casa de Rock: how hard vs fortune? Blessings of happenstance against the ability to hear.

With our 9 in play, we are counting on fortune to shine. The songs are good. Songs from a ghost perhaps. But I never forgot how to be popular. I just -at times- didn't care.

So what is left when having played Christ, Anti-Christ, Child, and Goat?

Christ at it's root means LOVE btw. So you can say I played lover, or sinner, or fool, or cow if that makes one comfortable.

What's left is to rock: in glory-a excelcius. And we shall.

A review today of all the elements revealed we are indeed ready.

From heaven, Ultimate Warrior voice: 'But are you????'


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