“Holy Forking Shirt balls” is how one might curse if they were in “The Good Place”. The show which is set in the afterlife, doesn’t allow swearing and automatically replaces curse words with innocuous replacements. Which seems like an odd rule for “The Good Place” once you find out the Good Place is actually “The Bad Place”.

Oh, fork! I probably should have led with a “spoiler alert”. Son of a bench!

YouTuber danbandam may or may not be enrolled at BYU. Whether he is or not, he was on campus in Provo and he was asking students (presumably, Mormon students) what their favorite swear words are. The results are so squeaky clean (mostly) that you might think it’s a joke.

It is not. I grew up in a Southern Baptist church and I didn’t utter a single swear word until I had graduated from high school. My mom could teach these kids a thing or two about replacement curse words. “Shoot” was still a little too racy for my Mom so she would say, “Sugar”. Or “Shoot fire and little fishes” is another one I remember well.

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