The number of school staff members allowed to carry weapons on campus may be going up!

The "Marshal Program" may be getting a slight makeover. Here's how it currently works:

Under the marshal program, school personnel whose identities are kept secret from all but a few local officials, are trained to act as armed peace officers in the absence of law enforcement. Currently, schools that participate in the program can only designate one marshal per 200 student or one marshal per building. - El Paso Herald Post

In the first Senate session since the shooting at Santa Fe High School, Texas legislators are pushing through Senate Bill 244 which would allow each school district to decide how many marshal's they want to allow. School districts are not required to allow any marshal's. If they choose to though, this bill would allow them to designate as many as they feel necessary depending on school size, number of students, access to emergency help, etc, etc.

What do you think??

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