Football season is still a loooong way off. So here's something to keep us thinking about it!

I'm a Patriots fan myself and I read this article about Wes Welker. It brought up an interesting question.  (Regardless of what team you follow, there is probably a player ... maybe more than one ... facing a similar issue on your team.)

Should Welker (or, insert your favorite player here) switch teams for an extra $3 mil ($33 total) or, hang in there with The Patriots for $30 and keep building his legacy?


$3 million is a LOT, but if you're already getting $30 (on top of what he's previously banked throughout his career), would money be a bigger deal than setting new records, ensuring your place in the NFL hall of fame and (quite possibly) picking up a Supebowl ring in the last days of your career??

(Welker is 32. Not old by a long shot but, in the NFL, he's no spring chicken!)

What would you do?