No disrespect meant to other sports, but Dubba G only believes in 2 of them. Football and motocross.  (Well 3 if you count the motorcycle portions of the X Games.) 

Thankfully, one of these has returned .. are you ready for some football?

Join me tonight at Hooters in the Cielo Vista Mall parking lot for a long night of fun with 2 games!  Cincinatti visit Baltimore first, then the Chargers go after the Raiders.

Hooters has added a few things to their menu, they also have more salads now and ... of course ... a full bar!  (I'll be sitting right there next to it!)

I'm going to have lots of Q prizes to give away tonight, Hooters "All You Can Eat Wings Special" is back (starts at 6) and you can register for the Dallas Cowboys sweepstakes!  (Hey, if nothing else it's a free trip to Dallas...)  There's also a $250 gift card up for grabs!

Food, drinks, football and the Hooters girls tonight starting at 6. 

Mondays ... for the next few months ... don't suck anymore!

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