I posted a blog yesterday regarding the NFLs replacement refs and their ... ahem ... lack of experience.  I also joked about counting their mistakes during the Seattle/Green Bay game last night.  I had no idea how quickly we were going to lose count.......

The officiating last night SUCKED!  (I'm blogging about sports.  That alone should tell you how bad it was if you missed it.  If you actually saw it, then you're probably just as dumbfounded and upset as I am. Regardless of which team you support.)

Anyway, going into the game I didn't really care who won it.  As Green Bay came back strong from a really crappy first half I kind of got on board with them. Who doesn't love a good comback story, right?

It was a crazy game made all the more entertaining by the 3 (or 5 or 7 or however many) stooges in the black and white shirts.  I kept expecting the stadium to stop playing NFL standards like Crazy Train or Welcome To The Jungle and put on circus music!  I say entertaining because, again, I wasn't particularly on one side or the other. Seattle fans I'm sure didn't find it as funny as I did (although at least you won.) and Green Bay fans, well .....

I'm surprised their wasn't rioting in the streets. (You guys have showed remarkable restraint and I applaude you!)

From NOT calling the cheap shot that started the fight between Jennings and Browner, to subtle mistakes like giving a "kicking" ball to The Packers as they set up for a 2 point conversion to that unbelievably idiotic, incredibly imbecilic, stunningly boneheaded (wow ... I'm running out of adjectives ...) ruling at the end.

I'm surprised these goobers didn't call that long Seattle completion earlier in the game a "home run" or describe the red zone as being "in the paint".  Or call Tate and Jennings on to the field for a "face off'".  (I'm not sure ... I wasn't really looking that closely ... but I think they may have worn their pants backwards and had their shoes on the wrong feet.)

Theses bozos are now costing teams games, players stats ... I hear they've even upset the betting lines in Vegas.  Goodell, you've had your fun; now bring the real refs back!  They may make mistakes also but at least they do it more authoritatively, less moronically and far, FAR less often.

Here's a new cheer for the upcoming games:  (Sung to the tune of The Ramones "We Want The Airwaves")

When winners lose and losers win

Our patience is gettin' thin

We're out the door and down the hall

Us and our money, one and all

We want the refs back

We want the refs back

We want the refs back

Learn it for Thursday ok!?!?  :)