Today’s Monday Morning Mash up is rock on rock. Many of our Mash ups feature a rock song mashed up with some OTHER musical genre. Like rap or pop or whatever Taylor swift technically is. Our mash up today feature two rock bands, super group Audioslave and Linkin Park.

Both of these bands feature lead singers who passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. In the mash up we get a really cool blend of Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell alternating vocals and, through the magic of mash up, singing together. Audioslave was a “super-group” comprised of Cornell and the three non-vocalist members of Rage Against the Machine. Link Park was, in my opinion, one of the best of the “Nu Metal” sub-genre.

The two songs that get the mash up treatment are Audioslave’s Like a Stone and Linkin Park’s New Divide. The combined song is called Like a New Divide. It’s pretty cool so give it a listen.

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