Mash-up (mash-uhp)- Noun
1.) A recording that combines vocal and/or instrumental tracks from two or more separated recording
2.) A creative combination or mixing of content from different sources

Monday Morning (muhn-dey mawr-ning)-Noun
1.) The day of the week the Buzz Adams Morning Show is least likely to have adequately prepared for their show and are in most need of a regular feature that doesn’t require much effort on their part.

The band Queen sure is hot recently. The biopic Bohemian Rhapsody is still in theaters and as we speak, Gen Z teenagers can sing every word to that song. Maybe in forty years rapper Nelly will have a similar career renaissance. It’s possible, right? In the 80s who would’ve ever guessed that fully 70 % of the merchandise at Hot Topic in 2018 would feature PBS art instructor Bob Ross?

Today’s Mash Up comes to us courtesy of one of the best, DJ Cummerbund. Here is “Another One’s Hot in Herre”.

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