The new "Stranger Things" trailer came out this past weekend for Stranger Things Day (11/6) and as a fan of the show, I am excited! It looks like this season we'll get to find out what's new for the Byers family and Eleven in California. Check out the trailer below!

No word on when the season comes out, but rumor has it it will be summer of 2022.

The show, of course, takes place in the 80's so it shouldn't come as a surprise that a roller rink was featured in it; what did come as a surprise was that the roller rink is a place called Roller King! No, not the one we all know and love, but the one in Albuquerque. Because I follow the Roller King in ABQ, they let all their followers know that the rink they saw in the trailer was indeed the Roller King in ABQ.

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Hearing that made me miss the good ol' days where I would get my skates and head over to the Roller King we had! Roller King closed back in 2008, but in it's prime, that was a great place to take the family! I don't want to brag, but, I used to be a really good roller skater! I say used to because I recently got a pair of skates, and let's just say it takes longer for me to get back up after falling!

I know I'm not the only one who misses Roller King because a quick search on Twitter shows that other fellow El Pasoan's also miss it!

Roller King was great and I miss it! If you're like me and miss the glory days of Roller King, I know there's a place on the Eastside that has a roller rink, but I haven't been to it! Nations Tobin Park also has a rink that has open skate sessions. Also, there's a rink that will be opening soon at the Outlet Shoppes and I cannot wait for that! Now the only question is, what song would you love to skate to?! I'll go first- this was my favorite song when it would come on at Roller King!


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