Don't really know who to be more worried about.

Mike Tyson visited Conan O'Brien on Wednesday night to chat about fashion, The Hangover (how creepy he found Thailand to be), sobriety and a few more things ... oh yeah, and about his tiger.

When talking about The Hangover, Conan recalled that apart from Tyson owning a tiger on the movie, he owned one in real life as well. Tyson stated he owned several tigers.

The obvious question was if the tiger(s) had hurt him in any way and Tyson said, 'Yes but not intentionally'. He went to give her a kiss and she put her head in and knocked his gold teeth out (Ouch!) Either she was being sweet in a tigerish sort of way ... or she was trying to get the message out that gold teeth / grillz are out.

Conan then asked if he kissed his tiger often and Tyson then said he slept with his tiger ... that the tiger is his buddy.




That's alright, I'll stick to owning a dog.



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