A little background: Newsmax is the network that people who think Fox News is just too damned liberal turn to. Newmax also was whole-hog on promoting debunked election conspiracies…UNTIL they were sued by Dominion, the makers of some of the voting machines. Dominion is also suing Rudy Giuliani for over a hundred million dollars.

Enter Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of My Pillow. Lindell, who has no known expertise in voting machines or, apparently, the democratic process is STILL beating the disproven Dominion voting machine conspiracy. He was on Newsmax because they wanted to talk about “cancel culture”. The My Pillow guy has been permanently kicked off of Twitter for spreading misinformation. My Pillow, the company, has ALSO been de-Twittered because Lindell had hijacked that account to spread his baseless claims.

So, what happens when Lindell, on to talk about cancel culture, starts talking about Dominion? They CANCEL HIM! Check it out:

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Honestly, I don’t see how Saturday Night Life can possibly parody this. Nothing they write could be funnier or more ridiculous than what actually happens in that video. There is no way Beck Bennett can be a funnier Mike Lindell than the real Mike Lindell. Good luck trying, SNL!

The male anchor (I refuse to actually learn his name) starts reading a PREPARED STATEMENT as soon as My Pillow dude mentions the name “Dominion”. Cancel #1.

When Lindell won’t stop, the anchor pleads with his producer to “end this”. Cancel #2. When they don’t cut away, the anchor GETS UP AND WALKS OFF HIS OWN SET!! Cancel # 3.

So, congratulations Newsmax! Not for showing any real backbone or journalistic integrity…because you’re only doing that because of the threat of a crippling lawsuit. Thanks for demonstrating “cancel culture” THREE WHOLE TIMES in a segment ABOUT cancel culture.

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