A bill to legalize marijuana in Mexico just took another step forward and Mexican Catholic church officials aren't happy.

The bill would legalize possession of up to an ounce of weed but prevented it from being used around kids. It also allowed peeps to grow up to six marijuana plants and set up the possibility of licensing both large-scale production plants and commercial sales.

Some see it as both a good idea and a way to weaken the drug cartels. The Mexican Catholic Church however finds the bill lacking when it comes to health and safety concerns. KVIA reports that the Mexican Bishops Council said:

“The bill that was approved does not address the health damages that arise from an ever increasing use of marijuana, does not address the effects on families due to young people's consumption of drugs, and does not contribute the to reducing and inhibiting exposure to drugs."

The council added that approving the bill as is would place an "irresponsible liberty above the common good and health".

Mexico's Supreme Court has been allowing certain individuals to grow pot for their own use for years. The new bill would simply allow that opportunity to everyone meeting the legal criteria. It will be interesting to see how this plays out as both the cartels and the Catholic Church each hold a great deal of power and influence in Mexico.

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