The Meson hotel in Mesilla New Mexico is getting a "makeover"!

The sleepy little town of Mesilla is pretty active right now as Gordon Ramsay has brought his "Hotel Hell' show in to rev up the Meson de Mesilla Hotel!  Gordon has hosted many successful "fix it up" type shows for FOX including Hell's Kitchen, Masterchef, Kitchen Nightmares and Hotel Hell.


Built in 1984, the Meson is all but hidden on Avenida De Mesilla and those that do come across it, usually mistake it for a private residence.  That should change though once Gordon Ramsay and company revamp it, tune up the business end of things and ... of course ... explore all the drama between owners, staff and neighbors!

Owner Cali Szczawinski said:

"I was really kind of surprised. There's so much that I don't know about this. I know that they're here to help me and they're not here to hurt me."   "I hope to walk away feeling really energized and excited and having customers feel the same way. The biggest thing is, I want Meson de Mesilla to be all it can be because it's a very good property."

This could be the most explosive thing to happen in Mesilla since Billy The Kid was in town!  Watch for the Meson de Mesilla episode of "Hotel Hell" soon on FOX and check out more photos of the Meson De Mesilla on their facebook page!


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