You know you're from El Paso when you say El Paso needs more rain but freak out when we get it. I love when it pours hard in El Paso but also hate being out and about in that weather.

There are all sorts of areas in El Paso that are affected by the rain when it really pours. We, *knock on wood* still haven't had a storm like we did back in 2006 that did some physical damage. During that storm in 2006, I was in California at the time and remember my sister calling me saying the weather was bad. That was the storm that wiped out a couple businesses on the Westside. It was when you noticed a bunch of Blockbuster rentals was floating down Mesa Street. Another place that was washed out was the Stampede Nightclub on Doniphan. Yesterday gave some people quite the scare after it hailed on the Westside of town. One resident captured the heavy flow that affected the road on Mesa Hills yesterday evening.

Give your two cents on which side of town in El Paso has it bad during a flood below!