You usually see women dying their hair outrageous colors. I was guilty of this trend months ago, but now men are showing their true colors as "Mermen"!

The 'Merman' is in full force this summer as social media is full of pictures of guys who are dying their beards and hair unique colors. I am guessing they gave these men the nickname of 'Merman' since they look like beautiful mystical creatures, that look extremely sexy even with seaform colored hair.

There is just something about the beauty of colorful hair that just seems to give people a confidence boost. I totally missed my 'My Little Pony' hair, but I am totally glad to see more men taking over the crazy colorful trend. I am hoping to see some El Paso guys rocking this trend at the Downtown StreetFest, since Rob Zombie looks like he would totally be digging this trend.




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