The cemetery's main gate will be closed from 8pm Sunday night until the memorial service is completed. 

The ceremony will feature an address by Major General Patrick E. Matlock. Here is the basic rundown as reported by the El Paso Herald - Post:

The event features tremendous support from America’s 1st Armored Division and Fort Bliss: Massing of the Colors, Invocation, Patriotic Music, Volley of Three to Honor Our Fallen Comrades, Echo taps, Retiring of Colors and Benediction.

The main gate of the Fort Bliss National Cemetery will close from 8 pm Sunday May 26 until the Memorial Day Ceremony concludes at approximately 10 am on Monday, May 27.

Officials add that before and after the ceremony, golf carts will transport guests needing assistance from either the main gate or the service gate of the cemetery to the rostrum area.

The ceremony begins at 9am, Monday morning.  For more info, you can call 915-564-0201 or click here.

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