The First Lady headed to Texas on Thursday to get a tour of an immigrant children shelter and while that is certainly something we would want our First Lady to do, that's not what everyone is talking about! The First Lady decided to wear an olive green hooded jacket with the words "I Really Don't Care, Do U?" sprawled in white graffiti on the back.

Here's what happened. The FLOTUS boarded her plane at Andrews Air Force Base wearing the jacket. When she landed in McAllen FLOTUS was no longer wearing the jacket. FLOTUS spent a little more than an hour with 55 children at the Upbring New Hope Children's Shelter. Then, upon landing back at Andrews Air Force Base she donned the jacket again, despite the media storm that had already ensued. FLOTUS' communications director Stephanie Grisham insisted that there was no hidden message:

And the President clapped back at the haters saying it was a shot at the "fake news media:"

Many are calling the jacket tone deaf, and according to CNN (the fake news outlet) a Republican close to the White House says that there was "an urgent meeting among communications staff about how to fix this." In Melania's defense, the jacket is ONLY $39 at Zara. But, also, like, that jacket is so last season which is why you probably can't find it on the website! Did no one on her style team stop and think "This may not be a good choice?" To me, it looks like Melania is trying to be that cool mom, not a regular mom who wears cool young outfits. Like, girl dress your age you are the FIRST LADY OF THE UNITED STATES! So what do you think? Was this a bad choice, or is it #justajacket? Take our poll below!

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