At least, he should have been given an audition. It's hard to believe that a young actor who so closely resembles and SOUNDS LIKE Harrison Ford wasn't under consideration to play Han Solo in the upcoming movie about the young Corellian's origin.

Now, please don't get me wrong. The guy they did choose to play Han Solo is a seriously terrific actor. I've seen him in several different things and he really is one of the best young actors out there. Maybe you saw him in the Coen brother's Hail Caesar! with George Clooney. Or, maybe you caught him in the Warren Beatty biopic about Howard Hughes, Rules Don't Apply.

His name is Alden Ehrenreich and I feel like I need to stress this again: I think he's a very wonderful young actor.

But I'm not sure how much he looks like Han Solo. Here's what Alden Ehrenreich looks like:

Star Wars Celebration 2016
Getty Images for Walt Disney Studios

A good looking guy and I'm confident he'll be really good as Han Solo. But check out this other actor. His name is Anthony Ingruber and he not only looks and sounds like Harrison Ford...he also has all the Han Solo mannerisms down pat.

So, I think this kid should have at least been given a chance at what may have been the role he was born to play. Well, I guess there's always a chance they'll reboot Indiana Jones.

Anthony Ingruber actually played a young version of Harrison Ford's character in Age of Adeline. See how thrilled Ingruber looks when he meets his acting idol.

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