Got a few more cool shots to show you from my weekend at Tactical Ranch!!I had a blast this past weekend at Tactical Ranch!!  (Get it? Blast??  Sorry .. I never get tired of that one. Anyway...)  It is a really, REALLY cool place.  If you have never shot before, it's the best place to learn. If you have shot before, it's a great place to learn MORE!!

I promised I would post a few more pictures from my weekend ... and there are a few in this clip (get it? Clip?)... but today, it's "video OF the radio star"!! 

It's kind of hard to hear the insructor (Tom Buchino) because of the breeze, but you'll get the idea. 

The first part is a drill in which your attacker surprises you up close. (In theory, you should be aware enough of things to not let him get that close. Theory doesn't always co-operate though, so this is what you do.)  The second part involves a scary paper bad guy in a flak vest accosting me in a (simulated) parking lot!

If this got you thinking "hmmmm .. what would I do in that situation?"; learn more about Tactical Ranch here: or call 915-855-8056!  You will NEVER have this much fun in school again!!