Mark Tremonti of CreedAlter Bridge and solo fame recently visited our studio, and we covered a ton of topics. In this new clip, Mark speaks about Alter Bridge going from a critically panned act to a critically acclaimed act, and also talks about his deep love of pinball.

You may have already seen our exclusive clips with Mark Tremonti talking about his new solo album 'Cauterize' and Wolfgang Van Halen's new spot in the project as well as the guitarist speaking candidly on Creed bandmate Scott Stapp. We also shot a great episode of Wikipedia: Fact or Fiction? with Mark, and this latest clip marks the final segment from his visit.

It's no secret that Creed became one of the most polarizing bands, perhaps in rock history, during their highly successful run. Alter Bridge also attracted venom from critics, but along the way the band started to garner acclaim for their albums, especially after they released Blackbird in 2007.

In addition to being a talented musicians, Mark Tremonti is a pinball fanatic. Tremonti's eyes lit up once we mentioned the subject and the shredder told us all about his personal collection of machines, his all-time favorites, what physical pieces make for the best gaming experience and much more.

Watch Mark Tremonti address critics and pinball machines in the clip above!

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