Marilyn Manson and Rammstein performed together at the 2012 Echo Awards in Germany last night (March 22) for a tear-the-house-down rendition of Manson’s biggest hit, ‘The Beautiful People.’ Rammstein singer Till Lindemann was not part of the performance, so it was essentially Manson fronting Rammstein, making it feel like the one-night-only ‘Mannstein’ show.

It was a loud, aggressive meeting between the Antichrist Superstar and the German fire-breathers. Manson and Rammstein both have a knack for complimentary styles of chunky, industrially-tinged aggro loaded with power chords, and both have a penchant for engaging in eyebrow-raising behavior whilst onstage. Contrary to their “normal” stage shows, they kept it all about the song at the Echos. No pyro. No lasciviousness. It was, by all accounts – relatively tame. Perhaps that’s another way for them to be “shock rockers” — by not doing anything shocking at all.

Manson, cloaked entirely in black and stomping around the stage, tore through his signature song while the Teutonic aggrophiles of Rammstein pounded away at their instruments behind him – some members of Rammstein performing sans shirts. Additionally, there was white confetti (and what looked like a white powder) that dropped on the stage at the end of the song, with wind machines on full blast.

Manson once again showed us why he is still so viable in the hard rock world with this performance. He always keeps us guessing and churns out raging renditions of his songs whilst onstage. Having just shared the cover art and track listing, Manson’s new platter, ‘Born Villain,’ is scheduled to drop on May 1.

Watch Marilyn Manson Perform ‘The Beautiful People’ With Rammstein