Stone Temple Pilots guitarist Dean DeLeo recently paid a surprise visit to a New Jersey radio station, revealing that contrary to popular belief, the band is not currently working on the follow-up to STP’s 2010 self-titled comeback album.

For the second time in a month, STP axeman Dean DeLeo dropped by for a surprise interview for an unsuspecting rock station — late last month he called a Philadelphia rock station, whose DJ’s didn’t ask him anything in regards to the new album or the rumored ‘Core’ anniversary tour. His most recent unannounced appearance was at New Jersey rock station The Rat, which is based near his hometown of Point Pleasant — luckily, this DJ was up on her STP knowledge.

There have been reports of a new Stone Temple Pilots album in the works as far back as late 2010, the most recent coming from vocalist Scott Weiland last November. While he told Billboard that the new album was about to go “full speed ahead,” DeLeo told a very different story when asked if the long-rumored project was coming soon. “Possibly, we’re just kind of enjoying home life right now and raising our kids and enjoying the loves of our lives,” says DeLeo.

Another rumored happening in the STP world is a 20th anniversary reissue of their debut album ‘Core’ and a subsequent tour. While DeLeo said the reissue is a possibility — “There’s some [unreleased material] lying around, we have a lot of live stuff that we might compile” — a tour seems more likely. “Scott and I were just talking a couple of weeks ago, and we’d really love to go out there and perform ['Core'] in its entirety.”

Stone Temple pilots released ‘Core’ on September 28, 1992, which would give DeLeo a few months to brush up on the material. “There’s some songs I’d definitely have to go back to the record and listen to what I did,” DeLeo laughed. “Fish around a little bit like ‘Oh, there it was.’”

No dates have been announced for the tour yet, however, the tour section of their website reads, “Stay tuned for 2012 tour dates.”