We've gone from 6 strings, to 7 ... to 12.  STILL; somebody, somewhere wanted more.  Will 51 strings freakin' do????

Meet the "Rock - Ock".  An 8 neck, 51 string, 40 lb monster guitar.  (Makes that weird one Rick Nielsen has look kinda puny huh??)

Every guitar player should have one of these right??  

Here's "Crossroads"!!

And I'm struggling with ONE neck.  

It would be easy to tour this way though right?  8 guys, one guitar, one amp, one pedal board.  You could do the whole tour in a Suburban!!

In the weird multi-neck guitar world; that one totally wins.  I found a few runner ups for you though!  Not as flashy, but definitely more .. dare I say it .. "practical"?!?!

Steve Vai with 3:

Rick Nielsen with 5: 

And then, there's THIS guy ...

Now, add 1 or 2 of these to your Christmas lists and let me know if anybody actually gets one!

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