Our Mexican Food Fiesta is returning next month and I hope to hear this kind of melody from the mariachis that will be performing! Ozzy Osbourne was surprised and said it was humbling to know they learned a song he wrote.

Ozzy and Jack's World Detour released a clip of Ozzy, Jack, and Kelly being serenaded by a mariachi band. Not only was Ozzy impressed but Jack and Kelly just had to get the performance on camera. Ozzy and his son, Jack, hit the road to tour historically significant spots. This one-stop they made definitely caught them by surprise with the greeting they were given! Mariachis in El Paso have a huge fan base and are used at celebrations for special occasions. You will definitely see and hear quite a few performances at the Mexican Food Fiesta next month. The mariachi band above sure put on quite the performance as they sang an Ozzy song in front of Ozzy himself!

I am just hoping at the Mexican Food Fiesta a mariachi band can learn and play a Deftones song! hint hint......

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