The news broke in June that someone had finally found New Mexico art dealer and millionaire Forrest Fenn's hidden treasure. Fenn hid his treasure after a near-death illness and decided he wanted to inspire others. The country was also in the middle of a recession and he wanted to give people hope and a sense of adventure. He hid his clues in his 2010 memoir "The Thrill of the Chase" and then sent the world out into the wild to find the fortune. Hundreds, possibly thousands, have tried and no one was able to possibly decipher the clues to find the fortune, until this year. In June, we found out someone found the treasure and met with Forrest Fenn who confirmed the treasure was now in the hands of a lucky winner.

Earlier this month, we found out the identity of the hunter who discovered the exact locations of the treasure chest. 32-year-old Jack Stuef came forward that he was the one who found gold that has been nested somewhere in the Rocky Mountains for over a decade. Even though he just announced he found the treasure, Stuef had been mulling over the exact location for a year. Now, a recently discovered Youtube video shows what we all got wrong about the treasure hunt and what Stuef got right.

In the Youtube video above, titled "Cognitive Bias in Forrest Fenn Treasure Hunters," Stuef discusses how people became more obsessed with the treasure hunt aspect and not as much on Fenn himself, which was the mistake. The video is long but a fascinating look into Stuef's mind and how he figured out the clues where others found themselves stumped. We reported Forrest Fenn's death back in September.

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