Reactions to court rulings can be unpredictable. This reaction has to be at the top of the list of incredibly weird court room outbursts.

Ohio native Ricky Hand was in court on Wednesday to find out his fate for being found guilty of multiple robberies. The judged ruled for Hand to receive 40 years in prison and this decision outrage him. He was so mad he lost control of his bowels. Not in the usual way of handling business by spending a lot of time in the bathroom, instead he had a back up plan to bottle his feces and urine in case he needed to throw them at his lawyer. Which he did.

On Wednesday, Handy received his sentence of 40 years and then questioned the judge, "Did you just give me 40 years, sir? You just gave me 40 years. Well guess what?"

Then he let the poop bomb drop right on the court table and started fling it and pee around at his lawyer and court officials. Witnesses were shocked to see that Handy was able to smuggle in pill bottles filled with poo and pee. Clark Country Sheriff Gene Kelly believes, “This man should’ve been more thoroughly searched prior to entering the courtroom. Our policy dictates that there’s a search prior to and there’s a search after he leaves and that was very apparently not done.”

Court officials did manage to stop Handy before things got way too messy. Handy only created a bigger mess for himself since he may face another felony charge for his actions.