I may make "insanely crazy car accidents" a new blog series.

A Baker City Oregon, smashed between 2 semi trucks, walked away with only scratches and a cut. According to KPTV.com:

Kaleb Whitby was traveling eastbound on I-84 when he saw brake lights through the fog. He said he saw the semi-trunk in front of him start to sway and then it jackknifed. Whitby wasn't able to brake in time and hit the semi-truck.

"That ended up pushing my back end out into traffic," said Whitby, "and there was a semi that was behind me and he ended up hitting my bed, which folded that underneath the first truck and my nose underneath his truck."

"I was just praying, this can't be my time and just hoping that everything would be OK," said Whitby.

When it comes to praying, this guy goes HARD!