Pulling a prank on a friend of family member is funny but not as funny as pulling it on a ton of people under one roof! This one man got creative making a dummy look just like him even the outfit.

MagicofRahat put this dummy to test on his victims inside a mall that left people freaked out. The crazy part is how well he played off the high fall removing the dummy and laying in place of where it would fall. They fooled their victims leading them to believe they were being interviewed instead of being part of a prank. It's crazy that most of the gullible people didn't run to this man's rescue after witnessing the drop. There were two people that took action and hauled a** to help in any way they could. I would have the very same reaction as the man and woman running while dialing 911 if I saw this.

If you're quite the prankster this would be a good idea to pull on someone after you get permission of course.

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