Everyone knows how the game of chicken works and this Australian man played it with a spider! Aussie men sure do love adventure if they're pulling off a stunt like this.

IB Times UK jumped at the chance of publishing this game of chicken between a man and a spider. Now you know already that Australia is known for having colossal spiders. Now the dude in the video above goes by the name of Leroy and thought it would be fun to play a game. His kind of game is creepy and will even make you jump out of your seat! It's crazy to even consider letting an arachnid spider come near any part of your body. Instead of planning on killing the spider Leroy wanted to play a game of chicken with it. Leroy is one brave soul for wanting to face off with an arachnid spider instead of just getting rid of it completely.

Which side would you team with between Leroy and the arachnid spider?

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