This gives a new meaning to the phrase “shop til' you drop.”

A five-hour shopping spree at a mall in China took a turn for the tragic, earlier this week, when a man jumped to his death after his girlfriend refused to stop shopping.

Tao Hsiao, 38, was apparently feeling what most men feel after being roped into tagging along on one of their girlfriends holiday shopping expeditions – full blooded misery. So much that he decided the only reasonable method for dealing with his girlfriend’s unsympathetic desire to torture him inside a busy shopping complex was to kill himself.

Witnesses report hearing the man make comments about already having more bags than he could carry, yet the girlfriend simply refused to leave the mall until after she visited a particular shoe store to check on a sale.

After the man told her that she already had plenty of shoes… more shoes than she could possibly wear, “she started shouting at him accusing him of being a skinflint and of spoiling Christmas, it was a really heated argument.”

That’s when the man decided that enough was enough: tossing the bags on the floor and jumping off a seven story balcony to his death.

When emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they discovered that the man had been killed on impact. “His body was removed fairly quickly,” according to a mall representative.

At the time of this report, there was no word if the girlfriend still made it to the shoe store.