The thought process for this Christmas decoration idea wasn't as thought-out as it should have been. One Maine resident decided to show his hatred for ISIS by creating a light display featuring Santa peeing on the word ISIS. The only thing is that some people are taking his sign of hatred for actually being a possible ISIS sympathizer.

According to New York Daily News, the Maine resident, who didn't want to be identified, was actually trying to show his pro-American spirit. Neighbors called the York County police to complain about the display since they were worried that this house was actually in support of ISIS. York County Sheriff William King saw the display and had some trouble understanding what the homeowner was trying to do.

"He probably should've used yellow lights" for Santa's urine, King said, "But he used white lights. You couldn't really distinguish what Santa was doing."

The horrible Christmas decoration isn't breaking any laws, so the homeowner can keep it up as he pleases. The only tip Sheriff King had for the neighbor was to use yellow lights instead of white.

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