It is no wonder that this man is in real estate, he can really sell El Paso after viewing this video. Dan Olivas put himself out in what we consider bad weather but apparently it's not that bad.

Dan decided to film this persuasion video for future clients and picked a day that normally most people would avoid filming in. It was very windy with a sand storm all around him but he claims El Paso women are beautiful because of weather like that. Now, after I called a Dermatologist office and spoke with a staff member, she clarified that it is NOT good for your skin. After watching his video I assumed that he worked in Dermatology but after searching his name, turns out he's in real estate. Hopefully he can make another video during perfect weather to sell our city and grow more.

This video may have been from years ago, but props to Dan for standing out in that terrible weather while getting a sandy facial!


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