A video published on Facebook yesterday by user Luis Gonsales depicts an SUV narrowly avoiding falling off of the side of an overpass in Midland, Texas. Details on what caused the vehicle to end up there in the first place are not yet available.

The video currently has over 131,000 views, and commentators are speculating as to what might have happened.

The person who posted the video wrote in the caption: "Sorry for the profanity but it was happening right in front of my eyes and couldn't believe what I was seeing...The lady was saved from falling and police were there within minutes."

Luckily, it seems there was a quick response from local authorities, and the woman was saved from what could have been a horrible situation.

People that claim to have seen the incident described it as this in the comments below the video:

"I saw it as well. I also was calling 911. But I didn’t see it as soon as you. It kinda looks like she was trying to drive off the ledge." - Christiana Hooper Mann

"I called it in when she was further at the top also. I circled around trying to get a better video and was on with dispatch when she hit the edge. So scary." - Ashleey Hammond

"Why didn’t someone try to get over there and help instead of standing there watching? I see videos like this and I wonder what on lookers are thinking? What if it was someone you knew in that video, wouldn’t you want someone standing around to at least try to help?" - Russell Jones

We will update this article if more information becomes available.

Check out the crazy incident below:

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