Got the Monday blahs?  Read about this guy then, get over it!

Erik Norrie from Florida has a really bad habit.  It's not smoking, drinking, drugs (I don't think) or that kind of thing.  This bros hooked on near death experiences!  Back in July, in the Bahamas, he was attacked by a shark.  Wait ... there's more.

He was bitten by a rattlesnake once and he has been struck by lightning.  Twice.  (So much for that "lightning never strikes twice" crap.)  He was also attacked by monkeys! And he's fine.  Talk about LUCK!

His Dad says:

He does a little bit of world traveling and gets himself into some jams on occasion, but, you know, he's come out happy, so that's the main thing.'

Traveling with this guy is probably not a good idea.  Buying a lottery ticket with him though, that could be a great idea!

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