One of El Paso's most popular DJ's and a member of the original KLAQ lineup died sometime last night.  Magic was with The Q from pretty much the beginning and rocked El Paso for over 20 years. He was a good friend and one of the people who got me started on this crazy ride. It was Magic who hired me and, along with my brother, showed me the ropes. Trying to sum him up in a few words is no easy task, trust me.

Super Mario

I'll go with this: hard partying, fast living, multi-talented and a heart of gold. He originally started out in the architectural world but, found his true passion behind a microphone and he ran with it for decades. He was also generous to a fault. One of my favorite memories is of him going to area casinos and/or the racetrack where he typically did pretty well.  We always knew when he'd won because he'd walk down the hallway handing people $20 bills.  "Found" money he called it. For some of us starving DJ's, that was a huge thing!

Super Mario

Angel Gonzalez, who is a DJ on our sister station, KISS-FM shared his memory of "Magic,"

When I was 16 years old. My mom said someone wanted me on the phone. When I said hello, it was that unmistakable voice. Magic Mike wanted to know if I wanted to be on the KLAQ Lone Star Show. One of the greatest calls of my life! Scott Ronson told me Magic Mike would send him a bottle of Jack, every Christmas. 

Our own Super Mario shared his photos and memories of "Magic" Mike:

Magic gave me the chance to be in radio in 91-92, He was was a great  Boss, Teacher, and An amazing Friend.

He was always doing things like that. Helping the guys make their car payments, talking us through relationship issues, offering business advice, if you needed something and he could get it, you'd have it.  (He arranged a flight for me to Houston to see my dying Uncle once). Opinions of Mike vary wildly but, to a person, all will agree that he was a unique and colorful part of El Paso's radio history and he will be missed. Farewell Mike, and thank you, my brother.

Mardi Gras, Ronson, Big Al...Magic.  Heavens developing a helluva radio station.