Can you imagine the wrong movie being played in a theater?


Cineworld Cinema in Nottingham, England had a bit of a 'technical error' when they accidently played "Paranormal Activity 4" to a group of children waiting to see "Madagascar 3" (yeah, way to mess up!).

The movie was said to be approximately 2 minutes in when the families realized it was not the one they paid to see; they grabbed their children and rushed out. Um ... how do you take that long to realize it wasn't Madagascar?

I mean, they actually sat there through the beginning where it shows a flashback of the previous Paranormal film, (scarring their kids) then noticing, "Oh, this isn't a CARTOON, we should leave". (Hello?!)

I suppose now we have to make sure the right movie is being played in the theatres before having our kids walk in. (I can just imagine that happening here. Parents and children running out screaming all freaked out.)  It wouldn't surprise me any if the parents sue the theater for mental anguish now!  In El Paso, I don't think the parents would have left. Not my Dad, tio or abuelo anyway.  They would have made us stay just to get to see the horror flick for free; then they would have complained and made them show us Madagascar 3!!  (And probably also made a scene so that we got free popcorn as well!)

Check out Paranormal Activity 4 trailer

How long would it take you to figure out you weren't watching Madagascar 3?