If you find a lost dog or cat in the Sun City, here's where you can go to see if the animal is microchipped. In El Paso, there are various websites, social media pages, and places you can go if you lose your animal and need help bringing them home. But if you find a lost animal, people have trouble knowing what the next step is for them to reunite the lost dog or cat with their owners.

The first step is to see if the animal is wearing a collar with an identification tag. A pretty obvious first step. If there's a tag, call the owner. But if there is none, or the collar has no identification tag, you need to take the animal to see if it has been microchipped.

There are a few places you can take the animal to see if it is microchipped.

Animal Shelters/ Rescues

Most, if not all, animal rescues have a microchip scanner on hand to help if someone finds a lost dog or cat, including El Paso Animal Services. You can call before going in to let them know you found a lost pet and need help seeing if there is a microchip.

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Veterinarian Office

Vet offices also carry microchip scanners but you will want to call ahead. Most offices are abiding by current COVID-19 protocols which include taking the animals inside while the owners wait in the parking lot. A vet tech will most likely meet you outside with the scanner to help you.

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Fire Stations

All city fire departments also have microchip scanners to help you. If you find a dog or cat in your neighborhood, you can swing by any fire stations and they can assist you.


Petco Stores

According to the El Paso Animal Services Found Pet Resources page, all Petco stores also carry a microchip scanner that they can use to see if the lost pet has a microchip.

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If the animal doesn't have a microchip, you need to fill out a Found Pet report on the El Paso Animal Services website. The report is then added to the Pet Finder map for people to use if they are looking for their pet. You can also find more resources for what to do if the animal doesn't have a microchip on the El Paso Animal Services website.

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