Just a couple of hours east of El Paso lies a mystery that may never be solved.

Summer is almost over and if you want to take the kids on one last road trip, here's something kinda cool you can do without traveling far.

Check out The Marfa Lights! I can't tell you when to go as the lights sort of operate on their own schedule but, I can tell you where to go. Take I-10 East from El Paso to Van Horn. At Van Horn, hop on to US - 90 and follow it to Marfa. It's about a 3-hour drive ... easy!!

The lights have been fascinating folks forever. They appear in varying numbers and colors and rise from the ground at random intervals so just seeing them is iffy, let alone explaining them. Many have traveled toward them yet, while they continue to see them, they never get any closer to them.

Ghosts? Spirits? Alien beings? UFO's? We'll probably never know but, going to see them is a great family trip idea. The viewing area, pictured below, is about 9 miles east of Marfa on US-90.

Photo, Google Maps
Photo, Google Maps